Tuesday, November 15, 2011


- I was confused, I thought about loads of things which accompanied the one and only thing that confused me. It got partners coming. =.=
- I was thinking "Am I an important person in this life or am I just an useless no-one-cares nobody". Just be myself I guess.
- I almost got overwhelmed being around with people who studied fakery and practised backstabbing with a degree, they graduated and I was invited to their convo. Sweat much?
- I anticipated something but never knew what I was antcipating in the past few days. A good day to spend maybe. But when?
- I failed in Mathematics, like omg the world is coming to an end. Damn random. What the hell is this thought doing here?
- I don't obey laws of Mathematics because I allow only liberty in my life. It answers the question. Weirdo xxxxxx in year 18xx said 1 + 1 = 2 to the whole world, it doesn't mean I have to get forced and say it loud "tooooo".
- I slept a lot, yet I am still sleepy in workzzz. What to dozzzz?
- I am mentally prepared to save my daily expenditures, but I am already physically gaining weight! Laughing with tears.
- I understand long lasting friendship requires a strong foundation of mutual understanding. Now it is building up to be a condominium, named Beleaf Condo.
- I like playing games and games occupied my social life with friends. Sorry guys and gals. Confession.
- I don't fnd you, you don't find me but in the end I still find you. You all are the only ones that I can find. Get it?
- I have 34526798 "fr13nds" but how many are truly "friends"? I have only a small group of them. That is more than enough.
- I was hiding behind a door and pretending nobody was there, then I received a good-for-nothing DIGI message. "I will follow you", yes you just did.
- I am waiting for somebody important to enter my life but the giant door leading to it won't budge. Who is destined to be the key keeper?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Story of an Abandoned Puppy

Today's bright sky morning was gloomy to me. Right after having my breakfast, I and two friends of mine saw a puppy, abandoned by "someone" whose name is not even deserved to be mentioned, I don't know who he/she is, you don't know who they are, but God knows. I will never want to know who abandoned it. Ever. Names are meant to address humans, so I suppose the "someone" doesn't need a name in the first place. A guy? A lady? A Chinese? An Indian? Who cares? It doesn't really matter. It still won't change the fact that a life was abandoned. Somebody did it, and that's it.

The poor puppy was being entangled in a rope, struggling to escape from its misery, barking by the water pipe for helps from the passers-by. Its high pitched barking pierced through our heart. Seeing it struggled so hard to the extent that the rope almost harmed its neck, we were saddened. Feeling sympathy for its suffering, we freed the puppy. The little puppy was terrified, feeling uncertain and trembling in cold. Its facial expression and eyes were so innocent that we could feel how it felt inside. As if knowing who saved it, the puppy kept following us around. It barked when we tried to leave it alone, again. It looked helpless, so do we. We couldn't do anything but to accompany the poor thing for a short while. Right at that moment, the puppy felt that it was safe to be with us. It curled up like a fur ball and dozed off under our legs.

I am still thinking about it even when I am back to my real life now, working, eating, drinking, blogging, the innocent face keeps flashing back. Good luck, little one. May God be with you. All lives are equal in His eyes. You will be fine, I believe.

To ruin a life or to save a life, in the end, it all depends on how much life is worth in humans' eyes. It's totally nothing, or something to be cherished.