Thursday, December 13, 2012


没人懂下一秒自己会与谁结缘,更不懂谁会是自己将来生命中的伙伴。 但要知道在寻觅的路途中有无数的角色来来往往,有停留脚步闲谈的,也有加快脚步离开的。能并肩而行是幸福,也是一种缘分;而步伐渐远是可惜,更是一个领悟。新朋或旧友能走到最后,才值得珍惜让大家相识一场的机会。

Friday, October 26, 2012

Talk about stars in the sky of music

Carly Rae Jepsen

"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe?"
A gorgeous lady hailed from Canada who started out in a weird and funny MV, from which she gained fame with her very first catchy award-winning song, Call Me Maybe. The song appeared as generic to me at first but after listening to it a few more times on the radio, my ears gave in and recognized its "catchiness". Parodies and jokes about the lyrics and the MV have gone wild on the Internet, adding some more laughable elements to the song, not to mention it also added the listening value very much to her own song. 

Overall Carly is a young, energetic, innocent and clean female singer with sweet vocal. Her duet in this year with Owl City, Good Time, has made it to my Favorite list and the replay button is fiery hot.

Avril Lavigne

Another hot singer from Canada. Who doesn't know about this talented Canadian gem would leave me speechless. Back in the early 2000s, she appeared with a characteristic of wild and rebellious girl in her first song, Complicated. Wild while innocent in her early career, she has matured into a fine young lady throughout the years. Blonde hair with pink and green color dye, smokey eyes have become the symbols of Avril Lavigne. Girlfriend, a successful catchy song spread like wild fire around the globe which received supports from the young generation.

Avril definitely grabs the spotlight for being a "punkish girl next door".

Taylor Swift

Remember we got to know Taylor Swift when a gorgeous blonde lady was singing with great vocal and a guitar by her side on the bed. Her blonde curls and red lip emit the aura of Marilyn Monroe in her, although they don't look alike to me whatsoever. I was first truly exposed to American Country music by listening to Taylor's pieces of music. She has got real life stories to tell in all her music, to name the recent one, Ronan. A new song in memorial of a young boy called Ronan, who passed away from cancer.

Teardrops On My Guitar is still catchy even some years after its production. Taylor Swift is on the way of making even more chart-topping good music! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hardship Has Been Getting Harder

2012, a year that has infused me with much of the life experiences, they are to be remembered, to be woven into the thread of my fate. I have reached the point of my life in a university which opened my mind to think things through differently.

We live through everyday with so many "what if" and there could only be one answer made into reality. In the end, the outcome is born out of our passionate to achieve, let's not forget the elements of chances or lucks. Some might say, luck is not a factor of your success but effort solely is . I beg to differ. Failure itself is the spawn of misfortune. Achievers grabbed a chance and worked it out. 

Believe it, maintaining requires much more from you than that of achieving. The difficult moment when you achieve something pale in comparison to the long-term maintenance of the very same level from where you stand. Expectation, aim, target would inevitably manifest into pent-up pressure and stress waiting to explode into misery that is beyond your imagination. I learnt to expect and aim accordingly eventually, being aware of my own ability and potential. Achieve what I could not what I should.

An unexpected news today has again, made this year a grief to bear. Knowing that an acquaintance of mine has passed away from severe illness is as painful as losing my own family. Despite the deceased is not a close friend to me, we have had brief conversations out of random occasions, from which I knew a little bit about her. Being an adopted child of the family, one does need a great mind to deal with the threatening pressures and sorrows of getting unwanted and abandoned. A deep impact to the young age. Nevertheless, her life started everyday with a cheerful and friendly smile carved on the face. Optimism has shone through her spirit. May she rest in peace and be eternally under His divine protection and that of the guardian angels.


Thursday, July 12, 2012


Colors have been associated with positive and negative perspectives of life, this symbolism differs in many different cultures.

The beginning of life is pure, simple and radiating the aura of innocence.

A piece of white paper. An artist in the making. Starting with the white that he has, he paints the paper red, black, orange, yellow, gray, blue, brown and many other colors after. So many colors that his life is lively and spirited.

Orange is energy and warmth

Red is passion and excitement

Blue is calm and peace

Brown is comfort and simplicity

Green is jealousy and envy

Yellow is joy and happiness

Gray is sadness and boredom

Purple is devotion and spiritual strength

Pink is enthusiasm and love

White is clarity and purity

Black is fear and anxiety

Colors to the eyes, feelings to the minds. See it, feel it, express it. Such is the norm of life. There are times when we are governed by the colors that intertwine, living in the vortexes of feelings. Expect only the positive colors is to spoil ourselves with the favorable things that we have. Dare to face the hardship and complication, there we have the colorfulness that beautifies what we have. Without challenges, life is dull and uninteresting. Bear in mind, success is born of failure, weakness spawns strength within oneself, mistake enlightens into virtue.

Tossing a coin with head and tail, that is living our life till the end. There is no way to tell the result of the next toss. Be grateful that the next toss is head, be patient that the next toss is tail.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feel Those Around You. Who is and who isn't.

Sometimes, we have the noteworthy experiences that leave a trace in our memory, something remarkable, good remembrance of what we've been through. However, there are also the slightest things that occur around us, maybe in just a couple of minutes, easily overlooked but in actuality they do bring us the lessons of a lifetime.

Imagine our daily routine, personal grooming. Early in the morning, we wake up with messy hair that immediately puts us in embarrassment if we were to show it to the public. Don't think that we can walk around in the crowd unnoticed as we could be ended up as the focus of the eyes out there instead.

What do we need in order to groom ourselves and make sure that we look smart? Hair gel for those spiky hair freaks, a blow dryer for the damp hair after a good morning shower, a simple comb to secure the untidy hair, and last but not least, a mirror. Yea a mirror, perhaps the "important" thing that we don't wanna miss in the list. Everything just feels awkward without a mirror. True and end of the story.

Now the hidden message of this metaphoric story is that we might have been through a lot of hardships in life with others. This so-called "others" boil down to being somebody who is major or who is minor in the end. Personal grooming is very much alike the problems that we face in a daily basis, grooming tools are analogous to those who are eagerly offering a helping hand, the typical "a friend in need is a friend indeed" situation. Let's talk about the mirror. What we see in it is of course the best of us that we have tried to be. It symbolizes those that share our happiness while being the ones with little to none contribution to the making. "You're beautiful", it says. "You look good today and I am proud of you", it says. "Don't be sad, everything will be fine", says the mirror again. As if being chanted by a spell, we feel like being on top of the world while without knowing where we stand in reality and that also immediately labels those as being the most important VIPs in our life. We consider and believe they are true to us because they say things that we like to hear and please us. We are happier being around them. But what about the tools that we have now forgotten? It seems we have forsaken their identities, their deeds and their enthusiasms to make us the better person when they are indeed the major people. Somebody true to you is there to help till the end of the problem, listening to your heart when you are depressed and putting you in priority, despite being treated unequally and overlooked, it means nothing to them. They wish for nothing in return but wish for you being good all the time.
A lesson to learn - Ensure that we have a scale in heart to judge what is heavier and what is lighter.


Friday, April 13, 2012


Human, being a complicated life form, things without and things within are literally being complicated too. Human heart is well-protected, it resides in the core of life, from within vitality is channeled. Though, we see or perhaps feel that the hearts around us are far more protected than we could imagine. It is to the extent that humans feel reluctant to reach out from inside, forever keeping their truest self from the light. While not expressing the true form of heart, humans adapt to the elements of environment and reshape themselves accordingly to what is perceived as the most fit. The bond that forms in such manner may only last for that long, a predictable "long". To be the most fit definitely has its price to pay, the energy. One day, tiredness will find its way to the front door of your heart's chamber to claim the debt that you have owed to yourself. You need a rest, re-energize yourself ONLY after you have let go of the bond that binds.

Show what you have to show, be our true self and that may guarantee an eternal bond of heart, bond that is not established nor maintained one-sidedly. It is as simple as key and lock concept, compatibility is the key and lock is the compatibility, there is no forcing through the hard way.

When thing goes naturally as what it is meant to be, it looks the most beautiful.


Friday, March 2, 2012


A mirror, hanging on the wall for some time, is bound to have some buildup of dust and dirt. With thorough polishing, it will be as clean as its old self. Rinse and repeat the steps taken.

I see myself and I see you. Day by day, the vision seems to be in its blurry state.

It's beyond my comprehension that how the mirror has gotten a deep scratch. Left it as is. Without my notice, it has now broken into many crack pieces, yet they are still firmly attached. The menacing cracks are about to fall apart, awaiting only a gentle touch. Since when it has been cracked, from whence the cracks came?

I see myself appearing in the bigger piece of crack but I see many you in all over the smaller ones, vague. Switching position in where we were standing and you would have seen the same vision as in my eyes, but with a change of faces. After being thrown into such situation, I have come to realize that I was seeing many blurry images of you instead of the real you.

Can we simply give up on the smaller pieces and hold on to the remaining larger piece, within which we see two characters standing side by side, smiling?


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Once upon a time, a siberian husky has lost its home. Being strayed, it walked alone in the snow. The world was cold, tears running down its eyes while it howled at the dark night sky. "To where I belong. My coat has worn-out so much that it no longer sustains the chilling air. I just need a place where I can live forever with my companions" Day after day, its paw prints on the snow were concealed by the blizzard.
At a far corner to the west of where it stood, light of hope was faintly emitting from within a small farm which sat quietly by the glacier. The farm was brimming with warmth and serenity. At first glance, it was a place to call home, a place for the husky to regain its life. Finally. The long lost smile was once again carved on the husky's jaw. It was happy and relieved as if it has forgotten its sorrowful past and solitude.
There it began the second chapter of its life. Working for chores diligently and passionately, the farmers has granted the husky with undivided love. It has become part of their life, from animal herding, hunting, to pulling sleds. The husky was not alone, companionship was something that the husky could cling to. It has found a comrade, a samoyed. The husky and samoyed were close companions.
Perhaps, it was the destiny that the husky was to be alone. Its companionship with the samoyed has started to crumble. Husky may have hurt the samoyed without realizing it or they may have been pulling away from each other ever since there was something amiss in their communication. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, husky and samoyed were no longer as close as they used to be.
Husky was living its life with the fragments of memories, slowly, gradually, the samoyed's shadow was fading away from husky's eyes. But, with determination Husky believed that if it could treat the comrade with sincerity and be a real companion, it wouldn't be forever alone.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Choices in Life

Entering the second month of the year and my first movie, The Grey, was great. If not for the unplanned plan from a friend, I would have missed such thrilling masterpiece. When the story unfolded itself, my soul was dragged along the trail of the plot as if I was taking a ride on the roller coaster, I saw it, felt it and heard it. It reached the climax, went downhill for me to take a breath and prepare for the next upcoming excitement and adrenaline burst.

The brilliant message behind the movie was what made it so inspirational and great to watch. The development of the plot piqued my interest in getting to know the destiny of each of the character. Sitting in the dark for 2 hours, it was without moments of boredom.

It told the tales of life. The way in how you perceive life. How you should live through the episodic uncertainties. In the end, making the choice of utmost importance that determines your fate when reaching the point of no return. Live or dead.

Imagine that you survived a disaster or any incident with a lesser degree of hardship, you made it through this far. Be grateful that you were spared and granted another day to live, which was the last wish of the deceased.

When hardship comes, don't ever stop on where you stand. Give yourself a chance to reshuffle the fate that has been handed down to you. You never know, a light of hope could just be reached if only you dare to try and make a small step forward. - Dedicating this message to my buddy who has been depressed for so long, uncertain of the decisions in a small part of his life.

The very last scene faded, leaving the audience with unanswered question. Audience were to wrap up the story. Having a positive mindset, John Ottway was badly injured BUT survived, laying on the snowfield, fatigued. Interpreting the cutscene in a more negative way, John Ottway was the last survivor and also the last victim of death.

Positive thinking and negative thinking are the choices of life. How we choose to think, is how we choose to live.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Another hour to spend and to be alone before it reaches the second day of the Chinese New Year. It's funny that the supposed to be big big festival of every Chinese on the earth doesn't seem to be that special to me anymore, comparing with back then when I was a kid.

20 years ago...flashing back. Woke up early in the morning, opened up the closet, new clothes were on the body next. "Yumcha" session with family in the town, lion dance, fireworks, visiting grandmother's home the following night. All the relatives were there, the noise that they made was hardly noise to me, I could still remember that. Happiness and joyful laughter would be the better terms to describe that.

20 years later...back to present. Everything has changed. Well now I am wearing old clothes, even when I was outside in town. No more yumcha, no fireworks, no home visiting. Tomorrow's lion dance...urrr I don't have much expectation..sadly I just don't wanna see it.

Why has it changed so dramatically? Culture is not eternal, to me. People come and people go. Some of my relatives are no longer here, some of them have their own family far away from home . It is quiet in the town as if it is just an ordinary day with not much festive atmosphere.

Spent half of the day in Ipoh, shopping with family, watching an awesomely good movie, Underworld. It's packed with fantastic actions and gore scenes. That's what wins the thumbs-up for this movie. Mom would like to buy some artificial flowers as ornament for the new home. The sales girl has sweet smile and silky straight hair. Although meeting up with her for only a short while but she has already left a good impression in my mind. She forgot to pack the small ornament that my mom has put at a corner of the cashier table. Her tongue was sticking out, followed by a soft and polite voice, "sorry". If there is a chance, I would like to see her for once again.... *supposed to be a secret of the day* *grinds*

Back at home, it's all lonely again. Staring at the computer and Facebook's layout that constantly updating itself, with no specific purpose. Didn't even ask myself what I was doing there. A day has just passed like this.

30 more minutes to another lonely day. Ohhhhhh I am so gonna go somewhere else and meet with friends but...... Oh well, Happy Chinese New Year to me, my family, my fellow close friends. You all are awesome. Enjoy the big days, let me go through the loneliness for you all. XD

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to the Campus - First Week =.=

3 months of internship, 3 months of tortures and I am finally back to the campus. Yea, in one piece. It is a total lie to say that the place where I was working in was awesome.

There were things to learn. True.
The working environment was nice. Hardly.
The colleagues were great. Seriously?

Time passed and let it be. History and case closed. Breathing fresh air, I stepped into the lecture hall in my university for the first time after departing with it for a long while. It never changed. The same old environment like before. Sadly, it never changed, is referring to the bad old things that have been labeled on the university since then. The biggest problem, faced by every student especially those who drive, is still the availability of car park.

To my surprise, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the university and yet the facility still remains the same? It is hilarious that after 10 years of existent, ok, let's not be harsh on my campus, I say, after 5 years (since the Kampar campus "is" still new here), the car parking continues to wreak havoc among the license bearers. Let's imagine, driving around the compound of the university, only to realize that there is no more space to fit your 4 wheels, all have been occupied, from the A block till the edge of the world, H block.

Without a car park sticker, literally you're in a disadvantage, suffering for the next 7 weeks. Good news is that there will be another round of ballot where new stickers are issued after 7 weeks, only when the students of short semester have left the campus for their short break. Why is it a suffer you may ask. The disadvantage include not being able to park inside the campus. No choice, proceed to the lecture hall under hot weather. Sweating profusely and what's next? Attention to the lecturer decreases due to the uncomfortable hot sensation, owing that to the heat. Thanks!!!

Despite it has only been 5 years since the university started in Kampar. Still, this is not a valid reason for the problem to remain unsolved. There is no sign of improvement and what is worse is that there seems to be no actions being taken by the management in planning to improve further....yet. A few patches of grass fields are being abandoned within the campus, for what???A spacious spot for the students to park their bicycles but they hardly even occupy half of the spot, why?????What to do??????

All in all, the biggest problem regarding to car park is to get a sticker or to not to get, it is still the same -- troublesome. Getting the sticker, you end up circling around the campus pointlessly, not getting the sticker, you end up walking under the harsh weather and a long way to the far far away blocks that would have wasted much of your precious time.

UTAR UTAR, students pay large sum of the fees, all with the parents' blood and sweat, but this is what they deserve? And, do you deserve the money?

For the betterment of the students, I am willing to whack some sense into the management's head. The congested brains will never be fully functional if we simply keep silent about it. Period.