Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Another hour to spend and to be alone before it reaches the second day of the Chinese New Year. It's funny that the supposed to be big big festival of every Chinese on the earth doesn't seem to be that special to me anymore, comparing with back then when I was a kid.

20 years ago...flashing back. Woke up early in the morning, opened up the closet, new clothes were on the body next. "Yumcha" session with family in the town, lion dance, fireworks, visiting grandmother's home the following night. All the relatives were there, the noise that they made was hardly noise to me, I could still remember that. Happiness and joyful laughter would be the better terms to describe that.

20 years later...back to present. Everything has changed. Well now I am wearing old clothes, even when I was outside in town. No more yumcha, no fireworks, no home visiting. Tomorrow's lion dance...urrr I don't have much expectation..sadly I just don't wanna see it.

Why has it changed so dramatically? Culture is not eternal, to me. People come and people go. Some of my relatives are no longer here, some of them have their own family far away from home . It is quiet in the town as if it is just an ordinary day with not much festive atmosphere.

Spent half of the day in Ipoh, shopping with family, watching an awesomely good movie, Underworld. It's packed with fantastic actions and gore scenes. That's what wins the thumbs-up for this movie. Mom would like to buy some artificial flowers as ornament for the new home. The sales girl has sweet smile and silky straight hair. Although meeting up with her for only a short while but she has already left a good impression in my mind. She forgot to pack the small ornament that my mom has put at a corner of the cashier table. Her tongue was sticking out, followed by a soft and polite voice, "sorry". If there is a chance, I would like to see her for once again.... *supposed to be a secret of the day* *grinds*

Back at home, it's all lonely again. Staring at the computer and Facebook's layout that constantly updating itself, with no specific purpose. Didn't even ask myself what I was doing there. A day has just passed like this.

30 more minutes to another lonely day. Ohhhhhh I am so gonna go somewhere else and meet with friends but...... Oh well, Happy Chinese New Year to me, my family, my fellow close friends. You all are awesome. Enjoy the big days, let me go through the loneliness for you all. XD

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to the Campus - First Week =.=

3 months of internship, 3 months of tortures and I am finally back to the campus. Yea, in one piece. It is a total lie to say that the place where I was working in was awesome.

There were things to learn. True.
The working environment was nice. Hardly.
The colleagues were great. Seriously?

Time passed and let it be. History and case closed. Breathing fresh air, I stepped into the lecture hall in my university for the first time after departing with it for a long while. It never changed. The same old environment like before. Sadly, it never changed, is referring to the bad old things that have been labeled on the university since then. The biggest problem, faced by every student especially those who drive, is still the availability of car park.

To my surprise, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the university and yet the facility still remains the same? It is hilarious that after 10 years of existent, ok, let's not be harsh on my campus, I say, after 5 years (since the Kampar campus "is" still new here), the car parking continues to wreak havoc among the license bearers. Let's imagine, driving around the compound of the university, only to realize that there is no more space to fit your 4 wheels, all have been occupied, from the A block till the edge of the world, H block.

Without a car park sticker, literally you're in a disadvantage, suffering for the next 7 weeks. Good news is that there will be another round of ballot where new stickers are issued after 7 weeks, only when the students of short semester have left the campus for their short break. Why is it a suffer you may ask. The disadvantage include not being able to park inside the campus. No choice, proceed to the lecture hall under hot weather. Sweating profusely and what's next? Attention to the lecturer decreases due to the uncomfortable hot sensation, owing that to the heat. Thanks!!!

Despite it has only been 5 years since the university started in Kampar. Still, this is not a valid reason for the problem to remain unsolved. There is no sign of improvement and what is worse is that there seems to be no actions being taken by the management in planning to improve further....yet. A few patches of grass fields are being abandoned within the campus, for what???A spacious spot for the students to park their bicycles but they hardly even occupy half of the spot, why?????What to do??????

All in all, the biggest problem regarding to car park is to get a sticker or to not to get, it is still the same -- troublesome. Getting the sticker, you end up circling around the campus pointlessly, not getting the sticker, you end up walking under the harsh weather and a long way to the far far away blocks that would have wasted much of your precious time.

UTAR UTAR, students pay large sum of the fees, all with the parents' blood and sweat, but this is what they deserve? And, do you deserve the money?

For the betterment of the students, I am willing to whack some sense into the management's head. The congested brains will never be fully functional if we simply keep silent about it. Period.