Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Once upon a time, a siberian husky has lost its home. Being strayed, it walked alone in the snow. The world was cold, tears running down its eyes while it howled at the dark night sky. "To where I belong. My coat has worn-out so much that it no longer sustains the chilling air. I just need a place where I can live forever with my companions" Day after day, its paw prints on the snow were concealed by the blizzard.
At a far corner to the west of where it stood, light of hope was faintly emitting from within a small farm which sat quietly by the glacier. The farm was brimming with warmth and serenity. At first glance, it was a place to call home, a place for the husky to regain its life. Finally. The long lost smile was once again carved on the husky's jaw. It was happy and relieved as if it has forgotten its sorrowful past and solitude.
There it began the second chapter of its life. Working for chores diligently and passionately, the farmers has granted the husky with undivided love. It has become part of their life, from animal herding, hunting, to pulling sleds. The husky was not alone, companionship was something that the husky could cling to. It has found a comrade, a samoyed. The husky and samoyed were close companions.
Perhaps, it was the destiny that the husky was to be alone. Its companionship with the samoyed has started to crumble. Husky may have hurt the samoyed without realizing it or they may have been pulling away from each other ever since there was something amiss in their communication. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, husky and samoyed were no longer as close as they used to be.
Husky was living its life with the fragments of memories, slowly, gradually, the samoyed's shadow was fading away from husky's eyes. But, with determination Husky believed that if it could treat the comrade with sincerity and be a real companion, it wouldn't be forever alone.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Choices in Life

Entering the second month of the year and my first movie, The Grey, was great. If not for the unplanned plan from a friend, I would have missed such thrilling masterpiece. When the story unfolded itself, my soul was dragged along the trail of the plot as if I was taking a ride on the roller coaster, I saw it, felt it and heard it. It reached the climax, went downhill for me to take a breath and prepare for the next upcoming excitement and adrenaline burst.

The brilliant message behind the movie was what made it so inspirational and great to watch. The development of the plot piqued my interest in getting to know the destiny of each of the character. Sitting in the dark for 2 hours, it was without moments of boredom.

It told the tales of life. The way in how you perceive life. How you should live through the episodic uncertainties. In the end, making the choice of utmost importance that determines your fate when reaching the point of no return. Live or dead.

Imagine that you survived a disaster or any incident with a lesser degree of hardship, you made it through this far. Be grateful that you were spared and granted another day to live, which was the last wish of the deceased.

When hardship comes, don't ever stop on where you stand. Give yourself a chance to reshuffle the fate that has been handed down to you. You never know, a light of hope could just be reached if only you dare to try and make a small step forward. - Dedicating this message to my buddy who has been depressed for so long, uncertain of the decisions in a small part of his life.

The very last scene faded, leaving the audience with unanswered question. Audience were to wrap up the story. Having a positive mindset, John Ottway was badly injured BUT survived, laying on the snowfield, fatigued. Interpreting the cutscene in a more negative way, John Ottway was the last survivor and also the last victim of death.

Positive thinking and negative thinking are the choices of life. How we choose to think, is how we choose to live.