Friday, March 2, 2012


A mirror, hanging on the wall for some time, is bound to have some buildup of dust and dirt. With thorough polishing, it will be as clean as its old self. Rinse and repeat the steps taken.

I see myself and I see you. Day by day, the vision seems to be in its blurry state.

It's beyond my comprehension that how the mirror has gotten a deep scratch. Left it as is. Without my notice, it has now broken into many crack pieces, yet they are still firmly attached. The menacing cracks are about to fall apart, awaiting only a gentle touch. Since when it has been cracked, from whence the cracks came?

I see myself appearing in the bigger piece of crack but I see many you in all over the smaller ones, vague. Switching position in where we were standing and you would have seen the same vision as in my eyes, but with a change of faces. After being thrown into such situation, I have come to realize that I was seeing many blurry images of you instead of the real you.

Can we simply give up on the smaller pieces and hold on to the remaining larger piece, within which we see two characters standing side by side, smiling?