Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feel Those Around You. Who is and who isn't.

Sometimes, we have the noteworthy experiences that leave a trace in our memory, something remarkable, good remembrance of what we've been through. However, there are also the slightest things that occur around us, maybe in just a couple of minutes, easily overlooked but in actuality they do bring us the lessons of a lifetime.

Imagine our daily routine, personal grooming. Early in the morning, we wake up with messy hair that immediately puts us in embarrassment if we were to show it to the public. Don't think that we can walk around in the crowd unnoticed as we could be ended up as the focus of the eyes out there instead.

What do we need in order to groom ourselves and make sure that we look smart? Hair gel for those spiky hair freaks, a blow dryer for the damp hair after a good morning shower, a simple comb to secure the untidy hair, and last but not least, a mirror. Yea a mirror, perhaps the "important" thing that we don't wanna miss in the list. Everything just feels awkward without a mirror. True and end of the story.

Now the hidden message of this metaphoric story is that we might have been through a lot of hardships in life with others. This so-called "others" boil down to being somebody who is major or who is minor in the end. Personal grooming is very much alike the problems that we face in a daily basis, grooming tools are analogous to those who are eagerly offering a helping hand, the typical "a friend in need is a friend indeed" situation. Let's talk about the mirror. What we see in it is of course the best of us that we have tried to be. It symbolizes those that share our happiness while being the ones with little to none contribution to the making. "You're beautiful", it says. "You look good today and I am proud of you", it says. "Don't be sad, everything will be fine", says the mirror again. As if being chanted by a spell, we feel like being on top of the world while without knowing where we stand in reality and that also immediately labels those as being the most important VIPs in our life. We consider and believe they are true to us because they say things that we like to hear and please us. We are happier being around them. But what about the tools that we have now forgotten? It seems we have forsaken their identities, their deeds and their enthusiasms to make us the better person when they are indeed the major people. Somebody true to you is there to help till the end of the problem, listening to your heart when you are depressed and putting you in priority, despite being treated unequally and overlooked, it means nothing to them. They wish for nothing in return but wish for you being good all the time.
A lesson to learn - Ensure that we have a scale in heart to judge what is heavier and what is lighter.


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