Thursday, July 12, 2012


Colors have been associated with positive and negative perspectives of life, this symbolism differs in many different cultures.

The beginning of life is pure, simple and radiating the aura of innocence.

A piece of white paper. An artist in the making. Starting with the white that he has, he paints the paper red, black, orange, yellow, gray, blue, brown and many other colors after. So many colors that his life is lively and spirited.

Orange is energy and warmth

Red is passion and excitement

Blue is calm and peace

Brown is comfort and simplicity

Green is jealousy and envy

Yellow is joy and happiness

Gray is sadness and boredom

Purple is devotion and spiritual strength

Pink is enthusiasm and love

White is clarity and purity

Black is fear and anxiety

Colors to the eyes, feelings to the minds. See it, feel it, express it. Such is the norm of life. There are times when we are governed by the colors that intertwine, living in the vortexes of feelings. Expect only the positive colors is to spoil ourselves with the favorable things that we have. Dare to face the hardship and complication, there we have the colorfulness that beautifies what we have. Without challenges, life is dull and uninteresting. Bear in mind, success is born of failure, weakness spawns strength within oneself, mistake enlightens into virtue.

Tossing a coin with head and tail, that is living our life till the end. There is no way to tell the result of the next toss. Be grateful that the next toss is head, be patient that the next toss is tail.