Friday, September 21, 2012

Hardship Has Been Getting Harder

2012, a year that has infused me with much of the life experiences, they are to be remembered, to be woven into the thread of my fate. I have reached the point of my life in a university which opened my mind to think things through differently.

We live through everyday with so many "what if" and there could only be one answer made into reality. In the end, the outcome is born out of our passionate to achieve, let's not forget the elements of chances or lucks. Some might say, luck is not a factor of your success but effort solely is . I beg to differ. Failure itself is the spawn of misfortune. Achievers grabbed a chance and worked it out. 

Believe it, maintaining requires much more from you than that of achieving. The difficult moment when you achieve something pale in comparison to the long-term maintenance of the very same level from where you stand. Expectation, aim, target would inevitably manifest into pent-up pressure and stress waiting to explode into misery that is beyond your imagination. I learnt to expect and aim accordingly eventually, being aware of my own ability and potential. Achieve what I could not what I should.

An unexpected news today has again, made this year a grief to bear. Knowing that an acquaintance of mine has passed away from severe illness is as painful as losing my own family. Despite the deceased is not a close friend to me, we have had brief conversations out of random occasions, from which I knew a little bit about her. Being an adopted child of the family, one does need a great mind to deal with the threatening pressures and sorrows of getting unwanted and abandoned. A deep impact to the young age. Nevertheless, her life started everyday with a cheerful and friendly smile carved on the face. Optimism has shone through her spirit. May she rest in peace and be eternally under His divine protection and that of the guardian angels.


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